This is Jesse coming at you with some exciting news: Today is LAUNCH DAY here at Riverside Studios I have quietly working on a lot of new stuff, but most of all I would really like to thank the marketing jedi Landon Elmore for being the driving force behind this stunning re-imagining of my brand. Landon has worked closely with some industry greats and I am humbled that he decided to hit the information superhighway with me.

Fresh content is releasing in the next few days as I claw my way out from under the canopy of the pandemic. My second shot in the arm happens on my 5th and I am tickled and reared back to get back out on the road! Sending out some material tonight to the IBMA, sure would be a treat to be able to pick and sing for all of you for a showcase or two at their Wide Open Bluegrass festival in Raleigh, NC. In the meantime, stay tuned and check out everything Riverside Studios has to offer.

Welcome to the adventure! -Jesse Burdick

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