• Jesse Burdick


Good afternoon my wonderful (soon to be) friends and fans!

I'm spending my day working some things out and kicking the dust off in my studio here in beautiful Smithfield, Virginia where the temperature fluctuates wildly in November and the barbarian hordes scream outside the gates while I sit here contemplating my place on the internet.

Experiments continue with the Zylia ZM-1, and I am as ever happily endorsed by Ear Trumpet Labs and Deering Banjos, so expect more noises coming from those, along with some sweet tones from Gibson and Martin (respectively).

I have some great new content in the works, from music lessons/performances to adventures powered by pen, paper, and pencil, and...dare I say...A NEW ALBUM?! But, before all that: I'm going to re-release 2018's Hops and Spirits! Your boys Alan Bibey, Chad Graves, Anthony Wray, Patrick McAvinue, Marshal Wilborn, Bill Thibodeau, and yours truly put together a fine album that stands on its own as a more than reasonable attempt to develop a sound that's all my own.

A couple months back Bluegrass Today featured a great article I co-authored with my friends from Zylia which you can read there, and last month I started streaming Wizards Of The Coast's newest Dungeons and Dragons offering Rime Of The Frostmaiden on Twitch.

Lessons are up and running on Fiverr and I'm moving right along...

But my biggest announcement is that I'm working on a full rebranding of "me" and a makeover for this site with a larger than life hero that I got to meet at the IBMA's online World Of Bluegrass: Landon Elmore, one of the creative geniuses that made this year's WOB clock tick away like a well-oiled-machine.

So, stay tuned, keep your ears to the ground, support my Patreon, be good to your neighbors, follow the science, eat your veggies, drink your Ovaltine, never rub another man's rhubarb, be a river unto your people, and be excellent to each other.


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